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    Our story began in school…

    • Candy Sign is the result of a college assignment to design a non-traditional wall calendar. Born from this challenge was the Halftone Calendar™ — the first of its kind. Only a handful were printed at the time and we gave them as gifts to family and friends. They all thought it was pretty dang neat!

      We were encouraged to expand the idea and share it with the world, and now we have. With our special Halftoner tool you can design, share, and print your own calendars and posters in a matter of minutes. We think that’s as good as it gets!

      Our hope is that you design unique artwork here that you couldn’t make anywhere else. Whether you seek a personalized gift or something awesome for yourself, we are committed to your creation.


      The Candy Sign Team

    • Designed in Norman, Oklahoma
      Developed in Los Angeles, California
      Printed in Austin, Texas
      Made in America