• Candy Sign

  • Halftone Calendar™
  • It’s a 365 day wall calendar…

    An optical illusion you can design yourself! The perfect gift for all ages. Here’s how it works –

    1. First you choose an image for your calendar. Halftoner™ instantly turns it into 365 dots.
    2. The farther you are from the dots, the more visible the image is.
    3. When you receive your calendar, none of the dots are filled in.
    4. Each time you fill in a dot, you reveal more of the image.

    Check out these samples…

    • Your best buddy makes a great original art piece for your dorm room or apartment…

    • …or try your mom’s co-pilot for a unique Mother’s Day gift.

    • It’s never easy to shop for your boyfriend or girlfriend — but you know they like your face…

    • …or maybe you’re looking for something to enhance a space?

    No patience? Design a Halftone Poster™ instead…

    You don’t need to wait a whole year to decorate your walls.

    The poster version arrives with all the dots filled in for you – no marker necessary. 36” print featured here

    Questions & Answers

    Want to know more about printing, shipping, payments, or which markers work best? We’ve got answers and ideas in our Q&A section.

    Which images work best with Halftoner?
    Faces definitely work well. You’ll have the best results with low-complexity images that have some light and dark contrast. For example a zebra has a lot of light and dark contrast but a polar bear is mostly white. Images with low detail work much better than high complexity images like landscapes. Also cropping and zooming in on a particular region of a photo typically works better than trying to use the whole image. Some images may not work at all, so you’ll need to experiment. Art is a process!
    What size is right for my space?
    Our large prints are 36 by 36 inches — in order to see the illusion you’ll need to be about 20 feet away from the print. If you have a smaller room in mind, the 24 by 24 inch size is viewable from 12 feet away.
    Your calendars and posters are pretty expensive, what gives?
    Unlike the posters you’ve bought in the past, our prints are made on demand, just for you. That means we can’t benefit from bulk prices and processes — our prices are closer to what you would expect to pay at your local print shop.
    Which markers work best?
    Sharpie Chisel Tip Permanent Markers have the most even fill on the semi-gloss paper stock we print with — they are fairly inexpensive. You can probably use any similar broad tip black marker. If you want to try colors other than black, make sure to use the same color for every dot, or you may ruin the illusion. We’d love to see your creations, please share them with us!
    How will my calendar or poster arrive?
    We ship all of our products in a thick tube, rolled up and sheathed in protective paper. Everything is packaged and processed by our printing partner Cerqa — located in Austin, Texas. Upon arrival your shipment will look something like this…
    How much is shipping and how long does it take?
    Shipping and handling is $7 — we ship via FedEx Ground from Austin, Texas. Typically orders arrive within 5 days anywhere within the continental United States, but sometimes they can arrive a bit sooner or later. If you need it even faster, please contact us and we’ll do our best.
    My question is’t covered here, how can I contact you?
    Please visit out our support page to get in touch with us.
    Design yours now for free!
    Prints from$25plus shipping